“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday.”
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“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday.”


The ritual of striking a match and lighting a candle feels as old as life itself. It speaks to our soul of days past, and times which were simple, uncomplicated and honest.

Enjoy this simple gift of light, this insignificant thing which charms heart and soul when we light it, with the image of the one we love before us.

Keep it near their picture, and come to love the joyful reverence of their memory every time it is lit.


The power of aromatherapy in every candle


These beautiful candles have been hand poured with love with a desire to uplift, comfort and heal the spirit. When grief is suppressed it effects the immune system, causes insomnia, loss of appetite, tension headaches and body pain.


Each luxurious candle is hand poured, using 100% natural, silky and sublime soy wax encased in and elegant and contemporary glass jar with the warmth of a walnut wooden lid.


All our fragrance oils are premium grade and manufactured in Australia. Our candles are delivered to your door within 3 business days.

Flat Rate

Delivered to your door with a flat rate fee of $5 anywhere in Australia.

Essential oils carry the therapeutic energy of the plant they arise from.

Cherry Blossoms are known as Sakura by the Japanese and are treated as nature’s subtle and beautiful way of reminding us of the fragile nature of this life. Cherry Blossom essence has a wonderful soothing effect, relieving tension in the body and mind.

It is a magical tree, a herald of warmth, Springtime, renewal and hope.

Sandalwood induces a calm and meditative state. It is a natural anti-depressant, subdues nervousness and anxiety while also relieving insomnia by relaxing the brain waves.

Orchid relaxes and heightens appreciation of beauty, uplifting our spirit when feeling down.

The beauty of the moment is their message to us, to savour that which is precious and ephemeral.