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    “Grief is the price we pay for love.”

    Some people shield themselves from close relationships because they fear the pain when things do not go according to plan. But loving someone means we experience all the light and shade, it isn’t perfect all the time, and sometimes it is acutely painful when our love is taken through illness or sudden unexpected ways. But loving someone is never taken from us, no matter what happened. This love becomes part of who we are always, and our grief is testament to the depth of our love. Light this beautiful candle in a ritual of remembrance, allowing the gentle fragrance to uplift your spirit whenever your grief becomes too dark to bear.
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    “I walk down memory lane because I love running into you.”

    You were my life, and my light, my joy and meaning. I see your face with joy in my heart, knowing you are free, knowing you are now at memories are happy ones, because somehow they are the ones that stay.
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    “It is the future with you that I will miss.”

    This lovely candle brings to mind the plans and dreams you shared together, the time when you talked about a life that was real and possible. When you light your candle, reignite the positive energy you shared, and think of how this can now be part of your life as it moves forward, in a new way, with their blessing on your side.
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    “Light Helps To See Through The Darkness”

    This life shows us the darkness of a sorrow we could not conceive of... and yet the sun rises again full of life and promise as if to mock us. Yet day by day, this gift of light reminds us to live, to breathe and to feel its warmth on our face. It is life which dries our tears, the deep soul message that we are here to move, and love and grow. A candle is symbolic of this light, it is a passage between this world and the next to meditate upon, to open ourselves to warmth and colour, to gently help us heal from the sadness and darkness, and finally smile at the sun once more.
  • condolence-candles-023

    “May cherished memories bring you moments of comfort.”

    Lighting this beautiful candle when you are feeling sad and alone, missing someone you love and have lost, will bring the warmth of living light into your focus. Meditate on the flickering candle-light and allow your favourite memories to pass in and out of your mind. While in this peaceful meditative time, welcome the spirit of their love and presence to be with you now once more.
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    “May the constant love of caring friends surround your grieving heart.”

    We are here for you, we are your friends, we know you are in pain. We love you, we wish you peace and comfort in your sorrow, and we know sometimes you will feel very alone. And understand there are times you need to be alone. But when you light this candle which we have specially chosen for you, remember us and feel our love...even though we may not be with you at every moment, we hope this symbol of our love will give you the sign that we are part of your life always.
  • condolence-candles-019

    “Remembering you today inspires me to face my tomorrow.”

    When you have witnessed the long and difficult journey of your loved one, this candle has a message which is uplifiting no matter what troubles you face in your own life. When you see it, and light the candle it is as if you  are lighting the memory of their courage and inner strength. It is a reminder too that each day is a gift, remembering that not everyone is given the time they would have liked in this life.
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    “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday.”

    The ritual of striking a match and lighting a candle feels as old as life itself. It speaks to our soul of days past, and times which were simple, uncomplicated and honest. Enjoy this simple gift of light, this insignificant thing which charms heart and soul when we light it, with the image of the one we love before us . Keep it near their picture, and come to love the joyful reverence of their memory every time it is lit.
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    “What cannot be said will be wept.”

    When nothing on this earth can relieve the pain of loss, a beautiful candle brings comfort. When no words can be found, it is the silent, golden flame beside you, the peaceful subdued friendship of soft light, a place to let your tears flow, a private sanctuary in the intimacy of your sorrow.
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    “Where there is darkness, let there be light.”

    There is always something to challenge us, to push us beyond our limits and give us a choice. Do I stay where I am, sad and struggling? Or do I move forward, guided by a positive energy within myself, and inspired by the help which is available for me? Make this special candle a ritual for meditating on that which is good and positive in your life. Allow the simple golden flame to still your mind; listen to peaceful music and allow this sanctuary you have created to permeate your life.